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At CDIC we strive for superior level of customer care. Our goal is to provide and state unbiased information so the member of the public can make an intelligent decision for the most expensive investment a person makes in their lifetime. We are only interested in protecting the best interest of our customers. Buying a condominium (Apartment, Townhouse or Multifamily) is a major decision involving a large capital investment and commitment.
Why do I need a document review?
Do I have certain rights as a condominium owner?
What happens if I have water seepage/leaks in my unit?
Includes in Report
Condominium ownership is very common in many countries in Europe and Hong Kong and big cities such as New York. However this concept has just started to get more recognition in Calgary as we move in to more density in the cities and our average price is climbing to meet the prices in major centers across Canada.

Is there enough money in the Corporation to meet the
future needs and maintenance of the complex?

Do you have a cat, dog, recreational vehicle or satellite dish?
Does your complex allow you to keep them?
Is there guest parking?

Would you like to live in an inner city condo in Calgary?
We can help you find the perfect condo for your needs and budget.
See our Calgary condos for sale at www.calgaryinnercitylife.com.

We also have other inner city Calgary residences for sale such as
infills and character houses.


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For Realtors
It Is Very Common For Some Realtors To Advise Their Clients Against Document Reviews On A New Project Under Construction Or Completed. “what Could Possibly Go Wrong” With A Brand New Complex?
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