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Privacy Policy

Condo Document Inspection Centre only collects information/data necessary to effectively provide most accurate review summery based on data provided by customers.

All information is treated and held in strict confidence and is not distributed without permission.

The privacy officer for CDIC is Nina Bhasin, Managing Director and CEO and is a member of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI).

The Responsibilities - Privacy Officer:
Systematic storage and criteria for classification of confidential information storage. Establish and make available to the public upon request, information on protection policy. Resolve any complaints pertaining to privacy information, to the customer’s satisfaction. To make certain all confidential information protected and all employees understand the significance and implementation of the protection policy.

Information Disclosure:
Collection: To collect only information as required in providing professional condominium document review services. Collected information will only be used or disclosed for purpose it was originally Intended for. No information will be provided to any agent/ representative of the customer, unless the representative provides written consent. CDIC may request updates (as may be required) from Condominium management corporations, on behalf of the customer when deemed necessary.

Protection Policy:
All information collected by CDIC is protected and kept based on the nature and detail of information.

Storage Policy:
All areas containing personal or sensitive information are kept in a safe and secure manner.

Data Collection:
The nature of information collected is primarily different condominium complex management company’s management and other financial records. This information is required to be updated from time to time. There is limited or no personal information collected or required by CDIC.

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