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Realtor and clients

For Realtors

Condo Document Inspection Centre requires up to date documents in order to complete an accurate review of a condominium complex. The following documents are necessary to complete a document review: 

Document Checklist

☐    MLS Listing, Offer to Purchase
☐    Management Contract
☐    Current Insurance Certificate
☐    Registered By Laws
☐    Disclosure Statement
(dated within 30 days of the offer)
☐    Current Operating Budget & Fee Schedule
☐    Most Recent Un-Audited Monthly Financials/Balance Sheet
☐    Recently Audited Financials
☐    Most Recent Reserve Fund Study and Plan
☐    Post Tension Report (if applicable)
☐    Most Recent Annual General Meeting Minutes (1 set)
☐    Most Recent Board Meeting Minutes (6-12) sets

For further information, please reference section 8.2 of your purchase contract or get in touch with any questions. 

Accounting Documents
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