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Terms & Conditions

By providing payment for services, the Potential Purchaser acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

CDIC will examine only the documentation provided by the potential purchaser and will not conduct a physical visit to the site.

Any disbursements for additional requirements, beyond the cost of service, will be supported by an invoice.
All summaries and conclusions in the report are based on the information available in the documents provided by the purchaser. CDIC assumes no liability for reliance on the information provided or not provided, or for any conclusions resulting from the document examination.
The information contained in the report is based on the facts and circumstances presented at the time of the examination and may be subject to change without notice.
The conclusions and comments contained in the report are not intended to be considered or interpreted as a legal opinion, or as an opinion of the viability or value of the purchase.
CDIC has no vested interest in the condominium or the information relating to it as recorded in the report.
Please note that CDIC provides an unbiased opinion and does not make any recommendations as to whether or not potential purchasers should purchase the condominium unit.
The data collected by CDIC during the examination will be added to the CDIC database and will not be disclosed or distributed without permission.
CDIC will not be responsible or liable for the accuracy of the information or any missing documents provided by CDIC as requested by the buyer/buyer's representative to complete the document review in a timely manner.

CDIC will attempt to obtain current documents from the management company or any other source where the documents may be available.

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