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I bought a condo. What do I do now?

As an owner of a condo, it is your responsibility to communicate with the Property Manager to ensure a smooth and stress-free move. You will need to book the elevator, arrange payment for your monthly condo fees, and acquire forms if needed for any pet you may have. If you are renting your unit, you are required to inform the management company and provide all necessary tenant information to the Property Manager.

Take a minute and read the bylaws of your condominium complex. The By Laws are the rules and regulations by which life is conducted within the complex. Your bylaws will outline items that fall under your responsibility as an owner, and what changes you are permitted to make within your unit, if any.

The board of directors (also known as the condo board) is responsible for running the corporation. The condo board may be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the condominium or the board may contract a condo management company to handle operations.

Always check your condo’s registered bylaws as they may have different rules on meeting matters such as:

  • Rules and procedures for annual general meetings and special general meetings

  • Meeting venue

  • Quorum

  • Voting rights and methods

  • Resolutions

  • Minutes

  • Order of business and conduct

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